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About Sixth Legion

Sixth Legion a guild on the Maj'Dul server, and we are currently accepting new members. Ask an officer if your sub-class is being recruited prior to applying.

  • We will be raiding once everyone reaches the appropriate level.
  • We have a Discord server and if you intend to group or raid you will be required to join and speak to coordinate on strats.
  • Sixth Legion has raided EQ2 in previous expansions and is currently reforming.
  • We play multiple games together and have known each other for years, join our community today!

Send a message to Arcanemundi, Handerpants, Elyndelle, Tristerin, Bazookatooth, or Cashnprizes in-game for invite if you are interested in joining.

To join Sixth Legion you must first apply to the guild by clicking this THIS.
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